It is 2114. People wear electronic headbands while sleeping to access Hypnospace, a persistent online world where your slumber becomes an exciting adventure. Because it is the future, there are all kinds of insane colors and sounds going nuts smacking your senses at all times.

Some citizens of Hypnospace don't play by the rules, it is your job as an Enforcer to bring them to justice. Don your sharpest psychedelic cop uniform and send scumbag outlaws packing in this thrilling arcade microgame.



*  A short, intense experience that spans three pint sized levels.
*  Deep pretentious subtext and social commentary.
*  Ramming your police cruiser into other cars resulting in copious amounts of screen shake and big ol' explosions.
*  Jay Tholen's incredible soundtrack in 320kbps mp3 format.


This game is a side project I took on while developing  Dropsy to prevent burnout. I went for a simple, angular art style to contrast with the ornate detailed stuff I've been making. The music is also a change for me, as it's all in 4/4. That's pretty weird.

2014 Jay Tholen ||||| Tendershoot